Help me stand for whats right for fathers and children

Scott’s story is one of injustice and is as follows:

For years I have known that I wasn’t the father of two children born during my marriage. My wife, herself, informed me that the first of the two kids born wasn’t mine. With this knowledge, I requested that the hospital withhold my signature from the child’s birth certificate. Subsequently, the hospital informed me that my failure to sign the birth certificate would result in incarceration. My fear of imprisonment and absence of legal knowledge concerning my rights, lead me to sign my signature under duress. Afterward, my wife and I separated and during this time of parting, she gave birth to another man’s child. As our marriage was still valid throughout the separation, legalities contributed to the placement of my name, on this second child’s birth certificate with the absence of my consent. Upon obtaining divorce papers, I signed and was unable to dispute paternity.

Around 1995, I sought advice to challenge the removal of my name from the birth certificates through the query of numerous attorneys. Each declined their service, as the divorce proceedings were lengthy and the children turned three during the marriage; to my discovery, Michigan law states that at three years my time to dispute paternity has concluded. Further, lawyers told me “good luck,” and that I had no chance through Oceana County, FOC. The dissatisfaction of this unsettling information conjoined with my ex-wife’s fraudulent pursuance and obtainment of child support and snap benefits persuaded me to contact Friend of the Court (FOC) for guidance. Phone calls and physical visits to the FOC office reaffirmed that I was unable to pursue action as time was unfavorable in my case, opposingly I discovered that the mother was able to grant my request through the courts. Despite my numerous requests for help and explanation that it wasn’t in my power to take action, my ex-wife continuously denied cooperation.

I have lived years, the past thirteen years, with depression resulting from the mental and financial frustrations of this injustice, leading to my forfeiture in any hope that this matter will achieve a resolution. My rights as an American remain in violation as this woman continues to fraudulently exploit myself and the state via her refusal to legally allow myself to prove that I am not the father of these children, thus resulting in the release of my name from each birth certificate and my financial obligation to each child. Research has proven that there have been similar cases in various states that have overlooked any time restrictions, allowing fathers to prove their case. Legal Services of Eastern Michigan proved to be no help in my case, via phone conversation I was again wished luck and declined services. Voicing my frustration, I stated that a substantial amount of money would undoubtedly warrant their fight on my behalf; their reaction was apathetic.

Inarguably, the state ensures each birth certificate names a father, as this guarantees a payee regarding Medicaid. However, if said payee isn’t the child’s biological father, this could grant him a say in the legal custody of the child amongst other benefits, leaving the biological father without the option to be involved. Consider the feelings of a child that does know and see their biological father, yet, they hold a piece of paper that says differently. Hear the little voices. Please stand with me and fight for the rights of parents that got stuck with the financial obligation of paying child support for kids that are not theirs. Terminate the state’s ability to frivolously designate a legal father, holding dear the love and pain experienced by children short changed by birth certificates and custody paperwork. Justice must prevail through our Constitutional rights. I am requesting your help. Thank you

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