To: A Woman Deserving

You were successful mom, even though I chose a different path then I’m sure you had wanted for me. Don’t be upset, for I have learned far more lessons than the books could’ve taught me. I made poor choices on my own and hit rock bottom, and YOU made me tough as nails to make it through. I know I have told you this before, but I will tell you again… I never understood you until I had my children. I love you so much, for you have been the one person I knew would answer the phone no matter where I have been over the years, the cost of hearing my voice, or just to listen tho you may not always agree with me or be able to be here with me. I can thank you for the way I raise my kiddos, as I have implemented the skills you have taught me, and I am PROUD because they exceed my expectations. I’m happy I chose the life I did, all I have ever wanted is a family and I found it in them. You would be so proud of me if you saw them, or if you saw me. Since they are growing older it is my time to further myself, and I am doing just that. YOU will always be my best friend, I love you, and I hope you have a great day mom. I wish you a Happy Birthday

❤ Em, lils, Gia, and Gems 💎